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Exercises For Presence

These five things can help you stay in the Present Moment

1. Belly Breaths
Take a deep breath. As you exhale, let your body & mind relax. Release any noisy thoughts or tension into the stratosphere. Repeat throughout the day!
2. Daily Check-In
Make space to sit quitely and turn your attention inward. Notice any feelings or sensations that arise. Listen for inner guidance and feel the peace and power within yourself.
3. Shake It Free
Move, jump, dance, wiggle, laugh, shimmy, play...several times per day. Shaking it free encourages free flow of energy, creativity, and spontaneity- and helps your body relieve stress and tension.
4. Take A Break
Disconnect, e-ject, power off, and allow yourself to just do...nothing! Daydream, meditate, space out. Release expectations, fears, and worries. Take time to enjoy are a gift to this world.
5. Connect
Put your hand on your heart. Feel your heartbeat. Now feel unconditional love for yourself and others. Think of 5 things you are grateful for. Notice how this state of gratitude expands your day.
6. Be Awesome
Just be yourself. That's awesome.
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